SMCS congratulates incoming Labor government – media release

Sydney Multicultural Community Services (SMCS) congratulates Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his team on winning the federal election of a Labor Government. 

“I hold positive regard for the Australian Labour Party (ALP) for being the initiators of social support programs. We look forward to working with the new government on funding better services and programs like ours, such as disability, health, settlement services and refugee services. I am hopeful that the Labor Government will better support our programs and services in the upcoming years.” said Ms Rosa Loria, CEO Sydney Multicultural Community Services.

Ms Loria said throughout the years, millions of refugees have fled from areas of conflict and violence like Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, the Latin American turmoil, from the Ukraine War and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Resettlement for refugees is now more important than ever.

Sydney MCS is committed to a world where human rights can be enjoyed by all. SMCS always sided with organisations and campaigns to make sure Government honour and protect the rights of refugees. The last 20 years have been difficult for refugees as policies have become punitive and non-compliant with UNHCR’s Charter. Syney MCS have settled thousands of refugees over the years and as Migrant Centre, we work together with the Government to maximize the outcome for people we care for. 

As stated in ALP’s National Platform, Sydney MCS look forward to working with the new government to make progress on increasing the annual refugee intake, setting up community sponsorship programs and ending temporary protection visas.

Ms Loria said, with Australia’s diverse community, we will work alongside the new government so that individuals can contribute and actively play a part in their communities to ensure full engagement in a fair and inclusive society.

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