Ocean Plastics Café – 12th of July

July 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm


After having to cancel our original World Ocean Day Sydney SCB event in June because of unpredictable weather, we have had our back up event on Wednesday, 12th of July. To start the evening, Jess Merrett, a marine debris researcher, gave us an overview of numbers, facts and research in the area of plastics. We then dove into the pile of debris that we got from beach clean-ups and let our imaginations flow. Great sculptures were created with the debris we had and the best ones received marine-themed books and reusable coffee cups.

(Click “Read more” below to see photos of the sculpture making and the finished artwork.)
The winning sculptures were the coral garden made of styrofoam, the plastic straw bird and the bucket-head man :-)
Thanks to everyone who attended the event! We had a great time and were really surprised by all the great artwork that you created.

And a special thanks goes to SCB Oceania, who supported this event and made it possible for us to provide free drinks, snacks and awesome prizes for the sculpture competition!

We would like to use this opportunity as well to remind everyone that it is PLASTIC FREE JULY! During this month (and ideally all the following ones) you should choose to refuse single-use plastic. The main 4 plastics to refuse this month are: plastic bags, plastic bottles, coffee cups and plastic straws! It’s as easy as that, and you can make a huge impact!
Go to the Plastic Free July website if you want to join millions of people in this challenge and get more information.