Sydney SCB AGM2017 – list of nominations

June 21, 2017 at 12:42 am

Hi everyone,

Tonight we are having our AGM at 6pm in room Colombo LG01 (building B16 on this map) at UNSW.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP on Eventbrite so we can make sure we have enough drinks and nibbles for everyone :-)

If you’d like to become a board member, but haven’t sent in a nomination – no problem at all! Just come to our AGM tonight, meet us and tell us a bit about yourself.

Click on “Read more” below to see the list of nominations.

Wanna vote, but can’t attend the AGM? Just send us an email at
Some people have put their hand up for several positions, depending on what will be available. We will sort out the details at the meeting tonight.

List of nominations:
Meena Sritharan – President or communications officer
(already Sydney SCB member, communications officer)

Amelia Saul – Secretary (already Sydney SCB member, secretary)

Lily van Eeden
Lily van Eeden –  Event manager or treasurer (already Sydney SCB member, event manager)

Suz Everingham – Any open position including president

I just embarked on the momentous journey of undertaking a PhD after studying plant science at The University of Sydney and an honours in plant ecology at The University of New South Wales. My project will determine the effects of climate change on Australian plant species by quantifying any changes in traits of seeds and seedlings of Australian flora. I am collecting old seeds from seed banks around Australia and comparing them to modern seeds that I collect on fieldwork to see if our species are rapidly adapting to changes in climate. This topic of research stood out to me because it is so important that we determine if our plants are able to adapt to and cope with a changing environment as our anthropogenically influenced climate is warming at a rapid rate. We need to protect our plant species from extinction to conserve their biodiversity, provide a habitat for our fauna and provide food for the global human population that is steadily increasing.

In my spare time I love to go on bush walks to take photos of native plants and animals (see my twitter for some photos I live near the beach so I also spend a lot of time swimming in the ocean and running along the sand that I get to call home.

I would love to join Sydney Society for Conservation Biology to be a part of an excellent organisation that protects our environment. I also want to gain experience in communicating science, particularly conservation, to the broader public because they are the ones who can help us make changes to protect our ecosystems! I strongly believe that being a board member will help me to gain skills in communication. I am excited to meet more people that are passionate about conservation of natural systems and to attend all the cool events hosted by Sydney SCB.

Ben Walker – Arc delegate
I’m an honours student supervised by Neil Jordan and Mike Letnic. My project centres on developing a non-lethal scent-based carnivore management tool for Australian predators. This does mean I get to study dingoes. So far I’m enjoying the challenges and triumphs achieved; and am aiming to figure out what information dingo piss contains, plus how long it lasts. I am really focused on applied science and love that aspect of conservation. This is part of the reason I’d like to play a greater role in SCB. I see this network as both a great way to meet like-minded people and to connect/communicate science. Would totally be cool if you voted for me too :)