Creative Conservation – Feathers and Fur

February 4, 2017 at 1:47 am

Photo-2017-02-04-11-51-02_0732The drawings from the Feather and Fur workshop are incredible! We still can’t believe that we drew such fluffy kookaburras and such soft leopards!

(Click “Read more” below to see photographic proof!)

On Saturday, Sydney SCB hosted a drawing workshop led by local artist Daisy Claridge, who taught us about her super intricate drawing style using pen. It was a nervous beginning, with most of the class wondering how we were ever going to be able to learn Daisy’s meticulous style.

But Daisy explained her approach and, before we knew it, we were drawing fur, feathers and eyes, line by line, dot by dot.

The day took patience, focus and excellent hand strength but the results were astonishing.

Thanks to everyone who came and congratulations for your beautiful drawings!