Sydney SCB at the SCBO 2016 conference in Brisbane

July 11, 2016 at 7:30 am


What a week! First of all, everyone from the Sydney chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania (SC-SCBO) would like to thank ARC and the society for conservation biology for assistance with funding so that we were all able to attend this conference. The conference gave us all a great opportunity to gain new skillsets through workshops and network with scientists researching and publishing at the forefront of conservation science.

The first 2 days of the conference were dedicated to workshops run by experts in areas from data analysis to project management, giving us the chance to learn from leading experts across several disciplines.  To learn about the practicalities of managing a conservation project and various approaches to gain the desired outcome was a great experience, with group work activities allowing us to work with researchers from around Oceania, government workers and industry planners.

After these workshops on the third day it was off to hear what the freshest new conservation research was. Below are examples of some of the amazing science we were able to see researchers presenting, including some UNSW researchers.


The Sydney chapter of SCBO also had some time at the desk to talk with researchers at the conference explaining what we do in the Sydney chapter and our efforts at communicating clear science with the public and attempting to get them involved in conservation locally.

Further to all the amazing research that was occurring during the conference on the Wednesday night we were given the opportunity to sit in on a Public Forum for “Northern Australia – the new development frontier?” with guests including, Professor Stuart Bunn, Phil Rist, Claire Martin and Jann Crase. The forum was a wonderful discussion on development in the north of Australia moderated by Paul Barclay from ABC Radio National’s “Big Ideas” program.

The conference was an amazing opportunity for the members of Sydney SCBO to network with researchers at the conference and also to publicise the research that each of us has been working on within our own projects. We are very grateful to both ARC and SCB international for their financial assistance in getting us to this conference and enjoyed the experience greatly.


Post written by Luke McPhan, Justin McCann and Lisa Steindler