April 16 Conservation Café – Chad Beranek

April 2, 2016 at 1:28 am

IMG_9405This April, Chad Beranek came to our Conservation Café. He is a wildlife ecologist and founder/director of Gumnut Naturalist. Chad is actively looking for solutions to every-day wildlife conflict problems. At this café, Chad told us about his Backyard Conservation project. He showed us with amazing photos how we can improve our backyards to make them refuges for native animals and thus increase their survival chances in our urban jungles. If you missed this café, you should really head to his website where he is working on adding all this info and breaking it down into species. So you will be actually able to check what every species needs and you’ll have the chance to adjust your backyard to your favourite Australian species (whether it’s a bird, a reptile, or even a possum) and hopefully be able to watch them visit your garden and play around in front of your kitchen windows soon :-)