March 16 Conservation Café- Dr Cameron Webb

March 5, 2016 at 10:28 am


This month we had our most “micro”-Conservation Café so far. Dr Cameron Webb came to talk to us about wetland restoration and the role of mosquitoes in public health.

Cameron is a hospital scientist at Westmead Hospital and a clinical lecturer at The University of Sydney. He explained to us how important mosquitoes are for the environment and told us that we actually know very little about them and their roles in different ecosystems. Cameron’s work is to bring together wetland restoration and public health. He makes sure that wetlands can be restored in a way that minimises the risks of annoyance through mosquito bites and also minimises the risks to public health through mosquito-borne diseases.

Cameron has published a guide to mosquitoes in Australia in February this year. All photos in the book actually show live mozzies. It is amazing how many different species there are and how beautiful some of them can be! Have a look at his book here.