Cicada drawing class

August 31, 2015 at 7:08 am

This weekend we ran the third edition of our creative conservation drawing workshops. This time the theme was insects! When we first suggested the idea of drawing cicadas to Peter (the drawing teacher), he said “Why on earth would you want to draw them? What about butterflies or dragonflies?”


But we stuck to our guns and sent Peter off with a cicada specimen to have a play with. Two weeks later he came back ready to teach the workshop and thoroughly converted to the wonder of these great critters (he even wants to draw more of them!).


Peter’s inspiring drawing demonstration

As for the class, we had a full house and very enthusiastic participants, many returning from our previous classes on botanic drawing or reptiles. Every student had their own cicada to study so we had the opportunity to really focus on all the small details, the venation of the wings was especially interesting!


And with a sunny day and grounds like this at the Centennial Education Precinct, how could you fail to be inspired?


We ended up with some amazing finished products after a very enjoyable day.

The next drawing class in October will be on birds! So keep an eye out for details.