Creative Conservation

March 8, 2015 at 3:30 am

IMG_20150221_163004105 We started another new initiative this February, we’ve called it creative conservation! It is a workshop style drawing class for beginners to more advanced artists, focusing on a different group of plants or animals. This way we get to learn some techniques while learning about an appreciating some of our amazing local biota.

Our teacher was the wonderful Peter Wale, you can see more of his artwork HERE.

Photo 21-02-2015 12 10 01

We started out with the basics, what types of pencils to use for drawing (did you know that 2B is lighter than HB? we didn’t!) and some tips on how to get started (don’t focus on the detail early, just get the shapes right). Peter then showed us a few examples of his work to get us inspired and he got started using a photo of a bearded dragon.


In addition to the photos we had three fabulous reptiles to meet and observe, a children’s python, a blue tongue lizard and a bearded dragon.

IMG_1714_MA       Photo 21-02-2015 13 19 31

After watching Peter for a while we were ready to get started on our own dragons!


None of us had much previous drawing experience, so we’re all very please with the results! We had a fantastic time and realised that (with a helping hand from Peter) there was an artist in all of us!

Our next creative conservation event will be in April so keep an ear out!