SCB Oceania Taronga Zoo public event

February 10, 2015 at 11:50 pm



“The extinction Crisis – man the Lifeboats” was a highly successful, fun and informative free public event held at Taronga Zoo on February 9th, hosted by SCB-Oceania and Sydney-SCB. The evening featured a lively panel discussion featuring four prominent conservationists that was moderated by ABC radio’s Greg Borshmann.

If you missed out, fear not! A recording of the discussion can be found on ABC radio national Big Ideas website HERE.

What an evening!

The afternoon started with Sydney-SCB volunteers invited to a private bird show at Taronga Zoo. (Massive thank you to SCBO board member Rebecca Spinder for organising such a great treat!) It was a huge privilege to watch the incredible variety of Australian birds soar against the backdrop of Sydney harbour while learning about their ecology and conservation. We then headed up to the lecture theatre to start the set-up for the evening. Chapter members enthusiastically manned the entrance to take tickets, chatted to people at the SCB membership and information table, coordinated roving raffle ticket sales and flaired it up at the bar. After some pre-event socialising, about 150 people headed into the lecture theater for the panel discussion.

A lively discussion was moderated by Gregg Borschmann (Environment Editor, RN Breakfast), with guests:

Professor Lesley Hughes
Distinguished Professor at Macquarie University and heads the Climate Change Ecology Group.
Councillor, the Climate Council
Scott Gorringe
A Mithaka man from the Channel Country of Western Queensland
Director and founder of MurriMatters Consulting
Professor Richard Kingsford
Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of NSW.
President, Society for Conservation Biology in Oceania
Professor Hugh Possingham
Professor of Mathematics and Ecology
University of Queensland

Thank you to our Sydney-SCB members who volunteered for this awesome event (in alpha order): Monica Awasthy, Simone Birrer, Peri Bolton, Victoria Cole, Sam Dawson, David Hutchinson, Stanley Tang, Matt Rees, Dominic Ruefenacht, David Vardeh, Sandra Vogel.