BioBlitzing in Sydney Olympic Park

November 21, 2014 at 4:32 am



Sydney-SCB BioBlitzing enthusiasts! Sandra Vogel, David Vardeh & Monica Awasthy

Sydney-SCB recently participated in the IUCN World Parks Congress BioBlitz this past Sunday November 16th. And what a day of adventure and discovery it turned out to be!

The day started off cold and wet, but quickly morphed into sunblock and hat weather with temperatures reaching the 30’s. ┬áDespite the heat, we had some very enthusiastic members of the public join our surveys. Participants ranged in skill and age, from babies in prams to grandparents with iPhones. People were asked to use the iNaturalist app to record observations, with survey leaders keeping track on old-school paper copies. Thankfully, we had some of the “App generation” or more technologically inclined young people along who could show others how to use the iNaturalist app.

Monica and David lead some enthusiastic bird watchers around the waterbird refuge, while Sam and Frank took people on a taxonomic safari of plants in the Badu Mangroves. Meanwhile, Lizzie delved into the fascinating world of spiders and other insects and Sandra assisted with the water bugs and macro-invertebrate surveys. We had some exciting new observations for a few of us and learned quite a lot. It was wonderful to see people get excited about the everyday, common species that we take for granted.

Overall, it was a fun and successful day. We look forward to seeing the results of our BioBlitzing madness!

Erin Roger (OEH), David Vardeh (SCB), Sandra Vogel (SCB), Patrick Tegart (SCiNS), Monica Awasthy (SCB)

Erin Roger (OEH), David Vardeh (SCB), Sandra Vogel (SCB), Patrick Tegart (SCiNS), Monica Awasthy (SCB)