October 2, 2014 at 5:50 am


Wildlife trafficking is the second greatest threat to species survival globally.  With just one click you can help change that and help Taronga protect millions of animals killed through illegal wildlife trade each year.

How? Wildlife Witness, a smartphone app developed by Taronga, is a finalist in The Google Impact Challenge. By voting for the Zoo and Aquarium Association, your vote can help Taronga win the challenge and receive $500,000 from Google to help STOP WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING.

Around the world wildlife trafficking is big business and involves serious crime networks. Travellers overseas often bear witness to these activities but are powerless to act.
Wildlife Witness is a smart phone app, developed by Taronga, that allows every traveller and local to help break the cycles of wildlife crime by safely and easily reporting suspicious activity.
These reports are sent to TRAFFIC, the global wildlife trade monitoring network, who work with authorities to put a stop to wildlife trafficking.
We believe Wildlife Witness can be a major tool in stopping Wildlife Trafficking but both Taronga and their partner TRAFFIC are not-for-profit organisations and they can only achieve so much on their own.

Winning $500,000 funding from The Google Impact Challenge will make an enormous difference to the success of Wildlife Witness, to reach more than 2 million travellers and ultimately stop Wildlife Trafficking.

So please, vote now and with just one click show your support for Taronga and more importantly, show that you want to help stop wildlife trafficking.

Taronga has also prepared some great materials to help you get behind them by spreading the word with your networks and asking them to vote. Click here for facebook posts, Instagram images, posters and web banners.

Voting ends in just 11 days time and every vote matters!

Join us by voting at to help stop wildlife trafficking.

By the way, you can vote from as many devices that you have, so please pick up your laptop, PC, iphone, ipad, etc. and help Taronga stop wildlife trafficking!