William Winram seminar

November 28, 2013 at 9:32 am

Sydney SCB is co-hosting the William Winram seminar at the University of Sydney.

William Winram, a world record breath-hold diver, conservationist and storyteller, will share with the audience some stories from 30 years of diving with more than 20 different species of sharks – including the most feared, the Great White – never using protective devices or cages. He will present an 18min documentary that spans 3 different expeditions, swimming and interacting with Great White sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and manta rays after which he will host a Q&A followed be the trailer for the soon to release in Sydney IMAX Film Great White Shark.

William, who holds several world records in free diving, has been actively involved in shark conservation for many years. In 2012 he founded the Waterman Project, an NPO where breath-hold diving is at the service of ocean conservation. This year he was named IUCN Marine Ambassador.

The seminar will be held:

Tuesday, December 3rd, from 12 pm

DT Anderson Lecture Theater (A08)

University of Sydney

Admission is free. The talk is followed by a lunch at the Grandstand in Glebe ($5 students, $10 staff). If you wish to attend the lunch please contact shawn.wilder@sydney.edu.au.